Team Training Home WOD

£14.99 on the 1st of each month

First payment prorated. Next payment: January 1, 2023


This programme is designed for those with minimal/no equipment. The equipment you’ll need is either of the following: Dumbbell, kettlebell, plate, band or a suitable weighted object. You’ll also need something to step/jump on and a wall to perform handstands/wall climbs against.

The workouts will range from 30-45 minutes with the following format. Three days ‘on’, recovery day, two days ‘on’, rest day. All workouts will be scalable, however, don’t be deceived, bodyweight and minimal equipment workouts can still be hard! Isometric, tempo, eccentric and plyometric work will be your new worst enemy!

Sessions per week: 5

Non-essential: Cardio kit. We occasionally program workouts with cardio equipment but these can be substituted for other movements such as running.



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