This programme is aimed at beginners and intermediate athletes who are looking to do a ‘Sprint or Olympic’ distance triathlon. These sessions will help you to improve across all three disciplines, as well as building your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. You will also be able to learn and practice how to transition between each discipline.

Training equipment requirements:
-Kick Board
-Pull Buoy
-Paddles (optional)
-Access to a bike (static or road/MTB)
-Helmet if out on the road

Sessions per week: 5 plus 2 optional recovery days
£25 One Off Fee, 10 Week Programme.


*Note please select no more than 1 programme




Our programmes are delivered via Truecoach. The easy-to-use app allows you to track all data & metrics.


Every exercise in your programme will have a quick instructional video showcasing the movements and exercises.

Frequently asked questions

**16 Week Transformation** – FAQ’s do not apply for the Transformation.

Please allow 24 hours for our Team to allocate your programme. In the meantime be sure to download the Truecoach app. You’ll receive an email confirmation after your purchase is complete. Then another email within 24 hours which is an invite from Truecoach where you can create a profile and view your workouts. (Beware this email may sometimes go to your junk mail)

Download the Truecoach App where you can log all your exercises and view visual metrics to track your results.

In effect, yes! However, please avoid following two main programmes. For example, we would not recommend following Team Training Conditioning & Pure Strength V2. Many people try to mix and match but really you should just stick to one program. You’ll probably just end up overtraining. Alternatively, you could follow one of our main and supplementary programmes. For example, Team Training Conditioning and Team Training Strict Pull Up Program. The total volume here should be manageable. Again if you need further advice just ask.

There are video links for each exercise and scaling options when needed. You can also ask one of our coaching team by using the message icon on Truecoach.

We have a Team Training ‘Home’ programme which is built for home training. All our other programmes are built for a gym or box with equipment at hand.

Our Programs don’t require vast amounts of equipment, however, here’s what we’d recommend you have access to:
Olympic bar, plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull up/muscle up station, squat & bench rack, skipping rope, bench, plyo box, bands and ideally a cardio machine (rower/ski/bike).
Sometimes you may need to change movements slightly to meet your equipment needs. Alternatively, if you’re really struggling to find a compromise for various exercises, just ask us.

There is no hidden fees.

**16 Week Transformation** – Unfortunately you cannot cancel the Transformation, it is a 16 week commitment.

Yes you can. No questions asked. Just login to your personal account via and cancel your membership there. Visit our help guides here.

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