Team Training Programming (Strength Bias) 3-Day

£14.99 on the 1st of each month

First payment prorated. Next payment: February 1, 2023


This is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, we will be looking to progress athletes through using a variance of strength disciplines such as gymnastics, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, functional bodybuilding to ensure constant, safe, effective and progression. The concept is simple, if you apply enough stress to muscles and your nervous system through intense exercise, the body will adapt to this by improving strength and hypertrophy (muscle size). Although this is the main aim of the program you will still be working on maintaining a certain level of conditioning.

Training days per week – 3
Training bias – 75% strength focus
Session length – 1-2hrs

Equipment List

Basic TTP / functional gym
Jump rope
Pull / muscle up bar
Gymnastics rings
Cardio equipment (Rower/ski/bike)
Climbing rope
Squat rack

Please note we can give substitutions if you don’t have access to these pieces of kit.


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