Squat Strength V2


Join the second 8 week program Craig used to drive up his squat and strength numbers

This program is performed over 4 sessions for maximum effect with rest days taken where prescribed to optimise recovery. You should notice this may vary between different phases of the program.

For 3 days a week follow the first 3 sessions of the program each week. Best performed as session 1, rest day, session 2, rest day, session 3, 2 rest days.

The program is split into a 4 week accumulation phase followed by a 4 week intensification phase.

To optimise your results from the program we advise you test your front squat and back squat before starting week 1.

We then recommend completing the extra 2 weeks, which are a taper week and then a test week to ensure you are best prepared for retesting your squat numbers again


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