March Newsletter

Written By: Georgia Smith-Ball

Group of people in gym

What’s New 


As the Open comes a close we want to congratulate every one of you who took part; whether that be competing, judging or supporting. We’re proud of your achievements and we hope you are too. The Open is a fantastic way to get involved with the TTP community and truly represents what we stand for…TEAM…Together Everyone Achieves More!! Check out #teamtrainingprogramming on the TTP Open leaderboard to see how our athletes got on.

The Open is particularly useful in terms of goal setting for the year ahead. It highlight areas to work on and improve. With this in mind, we have some new programmes launching and anyone looking to improve their gymnastics after 22.3 – our Gymnastics programme prescribed by the very-experienced Nathan Bird is available at only £14.99 a month. New programme launches include; Craig Richey’s squat programme which is available from April 1st… and it’s no April fools, Craig put 10kg on his back squat during the 8-week cycle. We have a 12-month strength programme launch which has been carefully fine-tuned, so let 2022 be the year we all get super strong!

Now that the Open has drawn to an end, it’s time for the Quarterfinals where the top 10% from the Open qualify to this next stage. Find out more about how the Open works and the format in our recent blog ‘The Open’.


If you already follow us on our social media platforms and instagram you will know that Team Training are hosting a Weightlifting Seminar on March 19th with Craig Richey and his Coach Chris to enhance your knowledge and understanding of Olympic Weightlifting techniques. If you are not following us on instagram be sure to do so and then there’s no excuse to miss out on the next one. This is the first of many seminars we plan to host this year, along with our Gymnastic and Endurance Seminars so get yourselves involved.


Fancy some training in the sun?! Who would say no to that! Keep your eyes peeled for our Bali Fitness retreat in October with Craig and Jas… further details will be released during the next month! There’ll be limited spaces and the option to pay in monthly instalments which make it way more manageable and affordable.

From an extensive itinerary full of training, surfing, hiking, mountain trekking, sunrise and sunset beach walks, party at Finn’s beach club and loads more. Top up that tan and experience the wonders Bali has to offer with a group of like-minded individuals.