Body Transformation 101

Written By: Georgia Smith-Ball

male and female gym goers

There are no quick fixes

With the Summer Shred 12-Week Transformation about to get started, we wanted to give a little advice on the process of transforming your body.

I know you’d all love to hear that a quick fix exists; that all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps and you can lose weight, or get abs, or put on muscle. Sadly, no such thing exists. We’re complex human beings and no two of us are the same. Try not to compare your transformation journey to that of others.

Some people can lose weight more quickly than others and others can build muscle at a faster rate.

This is where success comes down to the individual and their mindset.

You have to want it. 

You have to be determined.

You have to be patient.

Are you ready to transform your body? 

With a combination of cardio and weight training you can keep your workouts exciting and efficient. So let’s start with your goal. Whether that’s losing weight, gaining muscle, toning up or preparing for an event, you have to have something in mind that will keep you motivated, determined and accountable. Be specific and realistic. There’s no point setting yourself a goal of losing 4 stone in 2 weeks as this will only end up feeling disappointed and likely to quit.

As I’ve already mentioned, quick fixes don’t exist. You can’t think that at the end of these next three months you’re just going to be able to go back to your old habits, your old lifestyle and maintain the body you’ve worked so hard for. That’s why this has to be a lifestyle change, something sustainable, something that fits in with your schedule and your busy life. So now that you’ve found yourself a routine, you have to be consistent with it to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

Nutrition – knowledge is power; the more you understand about macro-nutrients and their ability to enhance and support your performance and training, the easier you’ll find choosing what to eat and when. Focus on natural, fresh foods, decent portions of fruit and vegetables, and your proportions of protein, fats and carbohydrates will vary depending on whether you wish to lose weight or gain muscle.
Protein helps build muscle. Lifting weights causes tiny muscle tears and the consumption of protein repairs and rebuilds those damaged muscles. 
Carbohydrates. It is advised to avoid foods with high sugar content levels as well as limiting the consumption of fast-release carbohydrates which have been stripped of many nutrients and fibre. Making smarter carbohydrate choices, such as slow-release carbs which are nutrient-dense, will help you to achieve your goals.

Drink plenty of water. This can assist weight loss as it increases your metabolic rate which in turn increases the number of calories you burn. 

Alcohol is high in calories, so limiting your consumption is optimal. A bottle of red wine typically contains 600 calories. Look at your alternatives; opting for spirits (in moderation) over wine as they are lower in calories, or even alcohol-free options. Alcohol will impact you mentally as well as physically. It’s likely to hinder your motivation to want to work out and eat well, and can negatively impact your body’s recovery.

Sleep, rest and recovery. Essential in transforming your body. Required for both physical and mental performance. You train better when you feel stronger and not sore, and days after rest days are when your body should be the most recovered. Listen to your body.

Motivation will come and go, your journey is not going to be an uphill slope and there will be ups and downs that you’ll need to prepare yourself for. Know that consistency, determination and commitment will get you results. Stay positive. Enjoy the process.