Our coaching team is built upon dedication and hard work. being competing athletes, we understand the importance of precise and trustworthy coaching methods.
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Head of Programming

I have been in the industry for 9 years and have worked with a wide range of clients from the general population to competitive athletes.

Over the years I have been heavily influenced and taught by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Charles Poliquin to Jordan Shallow.

Overseeing strength bias and Non bias programs as well as working closely with a handful of competitive TTP athletes.

Poliquin group – biosignature coach
Pre-script coach
Strength sensei – kinetic chain enhancement
Precision nutrition – level 1
Ballistic advanced training institute – Neurotyping founding principles in assessment and program design



3 Times Individual TTP Games Regional Athlete.
TTP Sanctional Competitor.

I’ve been working in the health and fitness industry for 18 years now, in a variety of roles and for a number of companies. These roles range from full-time personal trainer to facilities general manager. Over the past 10 years, however, my life has revolved around TTP. Personally, I feel very privileged to do something I love. From competing, owning a ‘box’, running an online programming business and recently delivering seminars/training weekends to like-minded people.

As a team we collaborate and plan our programs for the year ahead ensuring we are peaking, testing and resting athletes at the correct times. It’s also be great to work with more specialist coaches to gain knowledge and tips from them in their specific fields.

Favourite workout type: Chipper
Favourite Lift: Overhead Squat
Fun Fact: TTP’s biggest Harry Potter fan

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Craig Richey


Growing up active and pursuing multiple different sporting avenues including football, rugby & bodybuilding. Craig has spent many years immersed in the TTP world and has trained with some of TTP’s biggest athletes including Matt Fraser and Rich Froning. Now a full-time Youtuber (TeamRichey) and owner of the infamous HSTL.Made brand that has scaled through the TTP scene rapidly.

Jasmine Cabourn


Jas is a passionate TTPter and has built HSTL Made into the brand it is today. Jas is also a very popular Youtuber and has travelled the world meeting some of the fitness worlds biggest names. Visit Jas’s Instagram below.

Chris Freebury Weightlifter

Chris Freebury

Weightlifting Coach

Chris has been an international weightlifter for 16 years and has represented GB at multiple European and World championships, as well as England on multiple occasions including the 2010 and 2014 commonwealth games.
Chris has 15 years of experience coaching weightlifting specifically and 11 years as a strength and conditioning coach. He heads up all of our weightlifting programmes, is head weightlifting coach at blueprint training Worcester and specialises in strength and conditioning for sports performance.
Chris has delivered weightlifting and strength and conditioning consultancy to Olympic, paralympic and commonwealth medallists and other international level athletes from a variety of sports including weightlifting, powerlifting, water polo, volleyball, athletics, swimming, American football, rugby league, basketball and table tennis.
Chris has extensive experience delivering as an associate lecturer for strength and conditioning and sport and exercise science and has previously been a course tutor for British weightlifting.
Most recently Chris has teamed up with Craig Richey to improve his weaknesses and coached him to victory at the 2022 British Weightlifting Championships using both the Strength and Technical bias weightlifting programme methodologies.

Loughborough University – BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Sheffield Hallam University – MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Science
British Weightlifting – Level 2 Club Coach
Sports massage academy – Accredited sports massage therapist

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