The TTP Open 2022

Written By: Georgia Smith-Ball

TTP Open 2022

The Open is Here…

The TTP Open 2022 is essentially an annual, online, worldwide competition – originating back in 2011. The TTP open is accessible to everyone, it’s an opportunity for thousands of box members to get together and represent the TTP community. Every open workout features a scalable version that even the newest TTP members can perform and get involved.

The Open means something different to everyone; for the majority of people it’s their first time competing, it’s a way to personally challenge yourself, a way to get involved and meet new people. For others it’s what they train all year for and a way for them to make it to the TTP Games and achieve the title of the fittest on earth.

Athletes should not be deterred from entering the Open if they do not have all the movements yet; the Open is a time where many achieve ‘their firsts’. Everyone gets involved; be that participating or judging and this brings the community even closer together. It can be nerve-wrecking but the feeling of being involved and the personal achievement of participating is of a much greater reward. It really is accessible to all and caters for all abilities, scaled versions of the workouts are also provided to enhance the accessibility especially for beginners.

The TTP Open is the first qualifying stage for the TTP Games which takes places in July / August. The Open was previously comprised of five workouts spread over five weeks and took place at the end of February, but this has recently been changed and is now comprised of three. Workouts are released on a Thursday evening and athletes have until Monday to submit scores, scores are then validated and the leaderboard is updated for athletes to compare their performance; both in their field, country, and their own scores achieved in previous years. 

After these initial three challenging workouts, the top 10% of each division go to Quarterfinals. The Quarterfinal’s consist of five workouts to be completed over three days at the athletes affiliate or home. The top individuals and teams from each division then advance to the Semifinals; events occurring around the world. It is then the top finishers (40 men, 40 women, 140 masters, 40 teenage, 30 adaptive and 38 teams) [““] in the Semifinals that go on to compete at the TTP Games. 

The overall aim of the TTP open is to offer a healthy and friendly competition for all TTPters around the world. It’s essentially an individual challenge but shared suffering. The overall leaderboard provides data on overall performance; these statistics can be used to benefit athletes future performance by providing insight into realistic and reasonable training goals. Additionally the Open provides useful data for affiliate owners to analyse and determine what works well and what needs improving in terms of the programming in their Box. By signing up to the Open you’re showing commitment to yourself and your training, it’s an easier way to get motivated and increase determination when you’re not suffering alone.

Get signed up – there are no excuses. Registration for the Open usually starts in January and is easy, simply visit