12-Week Transformation

Kick off 2022 with a challenge. This 3-month package of training, nutrition & community will provide you with everything needed to transform your body in 2022. If this wasn’t enough you will also be in with the chance of winning some incredible cash prizes of up to £2,000.


12-Week Transformation


One-Time Payment

12-Week Transformation Monthly Payment

£50 Monthly

3 x Monthly Payments

Success Stories


Eva O'Connor

16-Week Transformation

I think for me personally weight loss is slow and maybe my expectations were unrealistic from the start of the programme. This isn’t my first rodeo, but I felt that I have not stuck to a programme as well as I have this one! It’s been hard at times but I like the realistic approach that it provided and the encouragement to still balance life with the nutrition and programming.

John Ball

16-Week Transformation

It was very concise and clear on how to set up diet etc. training was good and hit some PR’s. I just adjusted some de-load weeks with extra volume as I didn’t feel I needed one. Back squat PR was the best moving from 200 to 210kg. Deadlift stayed the same. Clean I managed a 125kg clean which is a match of the previous PR – I’m not great at Oly lifting as I’ve not been doing CrossFit for too long. Anyways, here’s the before and after – a nice re-comp. I was 82/83kg at the start and ended on 84kg, so some fat was lost and muscle gained


Tatyana Duverglas

16-Week Transformation


Aaron Low

16-Week Transformation

What is Included?

A] Programming

We have three programmes to choose from, whatever your training environment we have you covered! These include the CrossFit box which will be geared towards exercises using CrossFit equipment, home gym which will use minimal equipment typically found in a home gym setup and a conventional gym focused programme. 

CrossFit Training Program 16 week transformation

German Composition Training

All three programmes will use a method called German Composition Training (GCT) A method that pairs the lower body and upper body as a superset, this method allows one area to recover whilst the other works.

For example, you pair squats with upper body pulling exercises like pull-ups, this method also places more demand on your heart as blood from your lower body from the squats then must run to your upper body to your back for the pull-ups. which increases the cardiovascular and subsequently calories burned during the workout.

B] Nutrition

As a participant in this challenge, you will gain access to the pH nutrition hub where you will follow a customisable nutrition plan to ensure you see incredible results. 

Input your goals and dietary requirements into the new pH nutrition app, along with your daily step count and activity; and your recommended daily intake of calories will be calculated for you.

Adjustments can be made to your plan to personalise it to you. The app then generates meal plans, how much you should eat, when you should eat etc; to optimise your potential and achieve your goals.

Weekly check-ins are available to help keep you accountable and on track to getting the best possible results.

C] Community & Weekly Challenges

Magic Mountain

To help you stay accountable during the challenge you will be assigned teams through the Magic Mountain app, over the 12 weeks fun challenges will be released for you to get involved with and prizes available. Magic Mountain also offers a habit tracker with hints and tips for how to stay motivated and staying on track to achieving your goals.


The new and improved Magic Mountain app has in-built chat features making it incredibly easy to get in touch with other challengers and discuss your progress.
Additionally, pH nutrition will be hosting live video calls every three weeks to answer any questions you may have and to keep you accountable during your journey.

£150 or £50 Monthly

Start your transformation now!

Up to £2,000 of cash prizes to be won!

We will be giving away cash prizes to the winning transformations!