• New Programme:

    Squat Strength

    Join the 8 week program Craig used to improve his back squat 10kg in 8 weeks.

    This program is performed over 4 sessions for maximum effect with rest days after sessions 1, 2 and 4 each week, but can also be performed over 3 days too.

  • Our Exclusive First Drop

    TTP Merch

    Our first ever range of Team Training merch. This exclusive drop includes 100% organic cotton sweats along with our ladies cropped tee and our mens lightweight T-shirts.  

  • Exclusive Programme Launch

    Team Training Gymnastics

    Our new Team Training Gymnastics programme is written and prescribed by the highly experienced coach Nathan Bird. This is a TTP preferred programme.


We look at developing all facets of strength, skills and energy systems required to compete. Our programmes are written with an understanding of periodisation and balance to keep athletes healthy and progressing year after year.

With scaled options for all workouts, we offer programming for all levels of athletes, from beginners who want to get their first pull up and develop foundational skills, to elite athletes aspiring to reach high-level competitions.

Pure Strength Team Training Programme Volume 2

1 week sample Programme:
Team Training Programme

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Our Programmes have facilitated individuals all around the world by providing reliable and affordable training programmes. From TTP programmes through to weightlifting and endurance. We pride ourselves on offering high-level coaching that is educated and functional to all athletes and individuals. Our coaching team is experienced and offer programming to all levels from beginner enthusiasts to high-level professional athletes.

We cant wait to see your progress and we welcome you to the team!

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Kees Bot
Kees Bot
03:36 29 Oct 21
Great way to train full body and a lot of challenging variation in programming each month, helping you to get better in the short-term as the long term. Really enjoy following the programming. Sometimes its hard but the variety in training allows to train multiple days per week and recover well, when you prioritize your own recovery well. Its not expensive and the app works perfect. Sometimes the instruction video's seem outdated or there's not a structure in them. Making one style of instruction video's will make it better and in my opinion suits the company, but that's my opinion.
Leland Wilce
Leland Wilce
16:46 27 Oct 21
All I can say is, dope! It is a super easy and hassle free platform (unlike many I have tried). The programmers are on hand to help with your routine. I got a response for a substitute exercise almost instantly. And for the price you pay, almost unheard of. Well done guys. Love the tutorial videos. Ease of use. Great programming. I’m hooked.
Bill Webster
Bill Webster
16:30 27 Oct 21
Great quality programming for very reasonable rates. The team are responsive to questions and have a supportive Facebook group that address issues and give advice. I have followed team training for 2 years now and have got stronger, fitter and more competitive. Thoroughly recommend
Emalie Petersen
Emalie Petersen
15:46 27 Oct 21
Team Training is one of the best programming options out there. Huge variety through the week and cycles vary enough to not get boring. I haven’t been hitting everyday because of half marathon training, but excited to jump back in daily. The app is super convenient and has videos for literally every movement! Many scaling options (with videos as well) for every level of athlete. The price point is exceptional and puts it above many other TTP competitor programming options. Subscribe and find out for yourself!
Lewis Irvine
Lewis Irvine
15:34 27 Oct 21
Loved the programming. Done 24 weeks worth of the Olympic weightlifting strength and made a PB on 4 lifts. Had to take a break due to work commitments but in the new year I will be going onto the team training strength phase.Value for money is incredible too!
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